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Dettagli Collection

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Slow Fashion, High Quality

Can Be Worn With Anything & Everything


Our Story

First Edition

Crema Men's Joggers

Wanted to let you know I love the joggers. It was more than I expected. Great quality and super comfy as well. Looking forward to wearing them out!


Crema Women's Joggers

I wanted to let you know, I wore the joggers the other night! They are so comfy and I got so many compliments on them


Dettagli Men's Sweatshirt

I just received the package, right off the bat I can already say this will be my all time favorite sweatshirt! The weight and quality is spot on! Love the note and packaging as well. Feels super professional!


Dettagli Women's Set

I adore the set, thank you so much! I'm going to get some soil to plant my thank you note!


Dettagli Women's Set

My daughter absolutely loves the set and especially the color. She can't wait for other colors!