Our Story

About The Brand

MIUSA focuses on slow fashion: seasonless, handcrafted pieces that are created responsibly and designed to exist in a wardrobe for years. With equal attention paid to craftsmanship and environmentally friendly production methods, MIUSA is an American-made label you can wear with pride.

"I truly want to create pieces people can trust, a brand that's passionate about fashion and the environment. All the fabric we use is carefully selected and ethically sourced from mills protecting their works and the cotton they grow. You should put MIUSA on and feel your best: confident, luxurious, sexy, and comfortable."

- Alyssa Fumento, Founder

About The Founder

Alyssa Fumento is MIUSA's founder and creative director. Passionate about fashion from a very early age, she wasted no time in pursuing her dreams and founded MIUSA when she was just twenty years old. 

Time spent studying in Italy as a teenager significantly impacted the way she viewed fashion. While there, she absorbed the idea that fashion is part of culture, more art than a simple piece of fabric. Clothing tells a story and reveals something about the person wearing it: These ideas, so key to the Italian fashion sensibility she fell in love with, greatly impact the way MIUSA is designed.